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    Food, Produce & Manufactured Goods

    Our temperature-controlled fleet is monitored and tracked to ensure the integrity and safety of your products from point to point.

Food, Produce & Manufactured Goods

The largest part of Ron Finemore Transport's business comprises transportation services for the food, produce and manufactured goods sectors. This incorporates delivering palletised ambient and refrigerated food and produce, consumer goods, beverages and manufactured goods. 

Operating out of Wodonga, Victoria and Wagga Wagga and Orange, New South Wales, we provide reliable and cost-effective transportation solutions to businesses throughout the Eastern states of Australia.

Specialising in safe and reliable deliveries within tight delivery windows, our Food, Produce & Manufactured Goods Divisions operate over 200 prime movers and provide state of the art climate-controlled services to supermarkets and food manufacturers throughout Victoria, New South Wales and the ACT. Predominantly distributing chiller, produce, milk and freezer products, the temperature-controlled fleet incorporates data logging and vehicle tracking that monitors time and location to ensure the integrity and safety of the products in transport from point to point.

With delivery vehicles available in both single and b-double configurations, our customers include food manufacturers, supermarkets, fast moving consumer goods retailers, manufacturers, and industrial organisations.

Offering efficient and tailored distribution solutions to suit our customer's needs, with the added feature of delivery tracking and real time visibility, we continue to develop a nation-wide reputation for dependability and time-sensitivity amongst businesses small and large.