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    Our Leadership Team

    Our people are our most important asset.

Meet Our People

Harry Singh
Driver Trainer

During the most significant crisis the World has experienced in our lifetime, it’s important to stay positive and remember the people behind the scenes that through their hard work ensure fuel at service stations and food at supermarkets remains available to all.

At Ron Finemore Transport we are proud of our staff's commitment to the community and each other. Through teamwork, team spirit and solidarity, each and every team member is doing their very best and at Ron Finemore Transport we continue to invest in people, training and skills.

Harry, is one of our more experienced drivers and is one of the team members delivering fuel to keep Australia on the move. Harry is a mentor to other drivers and is recognised amongst the Caltex operators as a leader in our business. Harry is also a self-confessed truck enthusiast and just loves big trucks, and that’s one of the reasons he’s at Ron Finemore Transport.

Recently Harry was involved in introducing the 24m long vehicles into our fleet, but according to Harry the very best thing about his job is ‘working for the Finemore family’. Ron Finemore Transport has a real care for employees and they have demonstrated this time and time again’ says Harry. Now we just need to keep the fuel and food moving for all Australian’s.