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Escape the City


AusBiz Magazine - December 2018/January 2019
Words by: Kirsten Craze | Photos: Evocities

Tell Sydneysiders that they can cut their daily commute by a quarter and slash their mortgage by a third while still having access to great coffee, and they’ll probably ask: “What’s the catch?” But an increasing number of former city slickers are discovering the only obstacle to a cheaper lifestyle is actually deciding to take the plunge.

According to Evocities, a NSW regional resident attraction campaign, more than 3600 new households have migrated to their seven partner cities and surrounds since 2010.

One of the main drivers attracting people to those destinations – Albury, Armidale, Bathurst, Dubbo, Orange, Tamworth and Wagga Wagga – is affordable real estate.

In a report being prepared for Evocities by .ID Consulting, figures show the median house price to income ratio in the last Census was 4.7 per cent, compared with a huge 8.4 per cent in Sydney.


Jason and Karen Triggs moved to the Bathurst region with their two young children in January 2018, after spending years tackling traffic and dealing with skyrocketing property prices.
“Everything was just becoming harder than it needed to be,” Jason explains. “We lived in Sydney’s Northern suburbs and I was working on the other side in Alexandria. The kids spent their time in car seats, and sometimes we were too busy to even have breakfast at home, so they’d be eating toast in the back of the car.

“Plus, for our new place we ended up paying about a third of the total cost of our home in Sydney, so it’s been completely transformational,” he adds.
Today the Triggses are not only closer to work and the dream of living mortgage-free, they are connecting with the community.

“You actually get to know your neighbours,” Jason says. “In Sydney we’d been living in the last place for about five years and I couldn’t tell you the first names of the people on one side, and we’d only see the ones on the other side at Christmas. It’s completely different here.”
He admits that before heading west he, like many other Sydneysiders, had preconceived ideas about regional life.

“I thought I’d have to re-train and I was uncertain about what work I could do, but there’s actually no shortage of jobs here.”
Now working with a local start-up, Jason has seen firsthand that a regional area can provide better work opportunities than the over-crowded Sydney market.

“Being a smaller community, it’s actually easier to get stuff done. You can get involved with key regional stakeholders in your field, or even get a meeting with the mayor,” he says.
Albury Mayor and Evocities chairman Kevin Mack is living proof of that regional reality.

“Anyone who wants to move to Albury will get a personal tour with the mayor,” he says enthusiastically.
The scheme is successfully educating people about life in regional NSW: “People in Sydney can be guilty of living in their own bubble. They’re too busy doing what they’re doing and don’t see the forest for the trees.

“These are vibrant regional cities that have evolved to offer a lifestyle as good as, or better than, Sydney’s. I think regional living now far outstrips city living,” Mr Mack says, adding that other misconceptions about regional life are low earning potential and volatile property prices.

“If you do the numbers – add up the time and money you save in terms of transport, and the money you save on a mortgage – I’m sure that in 10 years in a regional city you’ll have saved a lot more money, and get more return on your investment, than you would in Sydney,” he says.


Cameron Kusher, senior analyst at CoreLogic, says that despite significant residential house price growth in regional NSW over the past five years (some Evocities locations have seen values rise by as much as 20 to 30 per cent), a cooling Sydney property market will spread elsewhere.

“A lot of what happens in regional NSW is dictated by what happens in Sydney,” he explains. “However, you haven’t had the deterioration in housing affordability in regional cities like you’ve had in Sydney – but now with tighter credit and fewer investors out there in the marketplace it will affect other parts of the state as well.

“I don’t think these markets will experience the same conditions Sydney is going through, the sort of falls that we’re seeing in Sydney. But certainly I think there will be an impact on demand, and that’s going to, at the very least, slow down the rate of growth in those areas.”
When new Tamworth resident Neil McLennan thinks about how long it would have taken him to buy his first property in Sydney he laughs awkwardly. “I would have been well into my late 40s before I could have even entertained the idea,” he says.

Last year the single 28-year-old bought a one-bedroom apartment in Tamworth outright for $132,000.
As a community aged care worker, Neil’s salary did not permit him to buy anywhere near family or friends in Sydney. “Where I used to live in Roseville, a unit would have cost me about $800,000. Here a really good two-bedroom unit would be about $180,000,” he says.

“I was sick of fighting with traffic in Sydney, but for me the big motivator was being able to afford a place of my own. The job and the social life I knew would just come naturally after that.”
He adds that while it is often young families or retiring couples who tend to make a treechange, singles can have just as much success starting over. “I think it’s easier to fit in here because everyone is so laidback and approachable, and there’s so much going on,” he says.

“If you’re thinking about moving, get out there and visit the Evocities over a weekend and see what’s on offer – then hop online and see how much properties cost compared with what you’d have to settle for in Sydney.”


Growing regional cities are a natural way forward as Sydney’s population hits breaking point according to Geoff Brailey, a social demographer with McCrindle.

“Wages just aren’t keeping up with property prices, particularly in Sydney, so that challenge is impacting those trying to enter the housing market. People who are younger, with young families, or maybe in those pretty secure jobs around teaching and nursing, are looking towards rural, regional options,” he says.

In its 2015 Future of Sydney Report, McCrindle asked people what their five greatest challenges living in Sydney were. First it was the high cost of living, then the cost of housing, followed by traffic and commute times, then employment prospects and, finally, the overall stress of life.

“I think the misconception of life in regional areas being limiting is now worth challenging. These towns offer a real quality of life. The time savings, the cost savings, the enhanced social capital: they’re the advantages regional areas have over urban areas, and yet they’re not disadvantaged in terms of a lot of the lifestyle and cultural aspects,” Geoff says. “And they’ve also got some of the most beautiful terrain in their backyards, so we really need to celebrate their stories.”

He adds that as the population of NSW continues to grow, urban areas and regional areas need to come closer together.

involve accessible flights, train and road connections, as well as that digital infrastructure to make sure we’re able to live and work and play well together,” he says. “We need to ask ourselves: How do we help that synergy across a state where we have five million people living in Sydney, which is just a tiny geographical footprint of this beautiful and large state?”



• Median house price - $980,000

• Three years - 18.8%

• Five years - 56.8%


• Median house price - $330,000

• Three years - 8.2%

• Five years - 17.9%


• Median house price (council - Armidale Dumaresq) $350,000

• Three years - 1.6%

• Five years - 7.7%


• Median house price (council - Bathurst regional) $434,500

• Three years - 20.4%

• Five years - 27.4%


• Median house price - $362,000

• Three years - 9.7%

• Five years - 30%


• Median house price - $400,000

• Three years - 17.6%

• Five years - 21.2%


• Median house price (council - regional) - $350,000

• Three years - 12.1%

• Five years - 25%

Wagga Wagga

• Median house price - $359,000 

• Three years - 12.2%

• Five years - 18.8%



Assisting Drought Stricken Farmers

Woolworths & Ron Finemore Transport working together to assist drought stricken farmers.

Ron Finemore Transport have been working alongside Woolworths to deliver hay to farmers in drought affected areas within Queensland.  This has involved transporting hay from Western Australia, our thanks to all the Woolworths and RFT employees who have been involved in this project.  

Our thoughts go out to all the farmers and people in regional areas affected by the drought. 

New Woolworths Contract Barnawartha

New Woolworths Contract - Barnawartha


RFT has recently been awarded a new contract for work related to the Barnawartha DC for Woolworths Secondary Freight. This work, which will service stores within the Riverina area and in Albury and Wodonga, is in addition to the current work that RFT undertakes at Barnawartha.  As a result of this new contract RFT will begin advertising for new roles within operations and for drivers. We will also be investing in additional prime movers, refrigerated vans and other trailer equipment.  This equipment will be progressively delivered into the fleet.

The new contract start date is yet to be finalised but is expected to be sometime late October or early November.

The success in winning this contract follows on from previous successes in securing additional and contracted work with Baiada and Hyne Timber. Our long term reputation based on being a safe and reliable transport provider has helped us win this new contract. Customers are increasingly seeking to partner with transport companies that can they can rely upon to deliver legally, safely and compliantly. The pending changes to the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) regulations will continue to support this approach.

My thanks to all those RFT employees who help manage, operate and maintain the Barnawartha based fleet. Your efforts in ensuring that we reliably and safely deliver to the DC and their customers each and every day has helped us to secure this additional work.

Having won the work we now need to ensure that we have equipment and the additional team members in place to start on time and continue to build on our strong brand and reputation with the Woolworths team.


Mark Parry

Managing Director


Life Saving Technology

Life Saving Technology Hits The Road As Innovative Study Seeks To Reduce Truck Crashed – RFT Partners with Seeing Machines, Monash University and Volvo.

On Tuesday 27 March 2018, the Hon Paul Fletcher MP, Minister for Urban Infrastructure and Cities launched a landmark study aimed at reducing heavy vehicle crashes in Australia and improving truck driver well-being, featuring world-leading fatigue prevention and driver monitoring technology. 

The A$6.5 million Advanced Safe Truck Concept, an Australian Government Cooperative Research Centre Project, aims to reduce fatal truck crashes by developing new vehicle technologies, achieved by studying driver behaviour and better understanding the impact of driver fatigue and distraction in particular. The partnership is headed by Canberra-based company Seeing Machines and includes Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC) and Ron Finemore Transport Services.

Minister Fletcher said “On behalf of the Australian Government I am pleased to be launching this important study which aims to help make our roads safer for all users.  I congratulate Seeing Machines and all the partners here today for their important work and I look forward to following the study’s progress.”

The study is the first of its kind in the world to be done linking in-cab driver monitoring technology with the external traffic and roadway in real-time. The Seeing Machines technology is fitted to a number of vehicles from the Ron Finemore Transport Services fleet.

The two-phase program builds on the Seeing MachinesGuardian technology platform that actively monitors for and alerts drivers to fatigue and distraction.  Ron Finemore Transport already uses Seeing Machines Guardian technology in all primemovers across its entire fleet and is very pleased to be participating in the project given its aims.

Phase one of the project has seen the testing of truck drivers in MUARCs Advanced Driving Simulator, the first time a truck simulator has been used for research in Australia. Drivers are tested in a rested and a fatigued state so a better understanding of fatigue on truck safety can be achieved.

MUARC Director, Professor Judith Charlton, said the research could make a profound impact in reducing fatalities in the freight industry. 

We pride ourselves on translating evidence-based research into real-world solutions and by working alongside our industry partners and with the support of the federal government, this project has the capacity to prevent injuries and save lives,Prof Charlton said.

According to the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE), 2462 Australians were killed as a result of involvement in heavy vehicle crashes between 2005 and 2014. These fatalities represented 17.5% of deaths on Australian roads.

The trucking industry is a major part of the Australian economy. A 2016 report by National Transport Insurance stated the industry included over 500,000 registered trucks, 41,097 businesses and 259,508 employees.

Ron Finemore Transport, which employs more than 450 people and has over 200 prime movers, will fit its fleet of trucks with the same driver monitoring technology as part of the projects Naturalistic Road Safety Study.

General Manager of Ron Finemore Transport Services, Darren Wood said that By participating in this study we are helping to make Australian roads safer for not only our drivers but all users of our roads. At RFT we are committed to worlds best practice in driver and fleet safety. As end users, we have the opportunity to influence the technology so it best addresses the needs of the freight industry”.

The full project is expected to be completed at the end of 2019.


Further To the above news is an article run in the Daily Advertiser on Tuesday 27th March 18.

To view this article click on the link below

RFT Pioneering Safety Technology

Woolworths Meat Co Refrigerated Contract

Announcement :     Woolworths Meat Co Refrigerated Contract

RFT has announced to its employees that the business has been successful in being awarded the Woolworths Refrigerated Meat Co Melbourne – Sydney – Melbourne looping service contract for the next 3 years.  This announcement includes the following:

This piece of work aligns well to RFT’s continued investment in our driver and operational skill sets, market leading technology platforms, advanced temperature control safety features and our desire to increase our refrigeration footprint.

The scope of the new refrigerated work is as follows:

  • The route covers Truganina Melbourne – SRDC Minchinbury Sydney – Truganina Melbourne looping shuttles.
  • Commencement date 16 April 2018
  • 4 x single 26 pallet refrigeration vehicles a day with an extra vehicle for Thursday service.
  • RFT moves to B Double 36 pallet refrigeration vehicles in September / October 2018 as new RFT equipment comes online.

The area of refrigeration transport has become increasing complex as customers become more discerning about the quality of the refrigerated product they receive.

RFT’s ability to provide live temperature GPS tracking data and set point temperature alert messaging configurations were highly valued by the Woolworths team, as is our proven ability within the NDC Melbourne – Sydney Linehaul shuttle contracts.  RFT’s continued investment in Blue Tree IT platforms enables our business to lead the market in real time location and temperature monitoring of product ranges.  

This new contract allows the opportunity for professional refrigeration drivers to join our RFT team to safely optimise our performance in this new business opportunity.  It will also be important to continue to service the existing Woolworths contracts safely and reliably as well as deliver on the requirements of this new contract.  

Our performance, reputation and capability to retain and win work is determined by our continued ability to provide safe and reliable service and delivery to promise.   

Kind regards,

Mark Parry

Managing Director

Employment Opportunity



Currently Recruiting Professional MC & HC Drivers


The Region

On the banks of the Murray River, Albury-Wodonga is the gateway to Victoria and New South Wales. Albury- Wodonga is the largest twin-city on the Hume Freeway with a strong linehaul transport industry. Albury-Wodonga provides all the resources for a family to settle with affordable housing, various schools, restaurants, parks, wineries, hotels with the Hume Dam and surrounding villages providing endless entertainment. All the while still being an easy drive to Melbourne.

The Company

The Ron Finemore Transport Group is a leading regionally based transport operator servicing the Eastern States of Australia. With a safe modern fleet of over 200 prime movers, and upwards of 400 pieces of trailing equipment, travelling over 50 million kilometres annually, RFT maintains a strong safety culture, supported by industry best practice compliance accreditations. Ron Finemore Transport specialises in the transport of food & produce (ambient & temperature controlled) and liquids. We are not a general transport company.

Permanent full time and casual positions are available for MC and HC licensed drivers. These positions cover local, intra and interstate activities. These positions would suit drivers who are looking to re-locate to a regional city and are available to work various shifts including nights, weekends and possible rotating roster. We have a number of roster and driving options including linehaul and base to base.

The Benefits:

• Excellent conditions
• Above award remuneration, including above award superannuation
• RDOs provisions
• Extra incentive payments for length of service, incident free performance, additional & weekend trips
• Uniform provided
• Operating safe, modern fleet incorporating technology to reduce risks associated with long distance driving
• Health & Wellbeing programs
• Social club

Skills and qualifications required:

• MC and HC qualification minimum
• Experience preferred but not essential
• A minimum of 12 months good driving record
• Attention to detail and focus on customer service
• Ability to work within an established Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) system
• Pride in the safe operation and presentation of equipment
• All positions will have some weekend work

Successful applicants will be required to undergo a pre-employment medical check. Applicants need to supply resume / document stating experience, qualifications and contact details, if applicable copy of relevant licenses to position and complete the Job Application online on this website.

For further information please phone (02) 6024 9900.


Safety & Efficiency - Driving Success


As part of the Company’s overall strategy to deliver to our people and its valued customers safe, reliable and cost effective business solutions,
37 new Mercedes Benz Actros fuel efficient vehicles fitted with the latest driver safety devices have now been delivered across four operating divisions. A further 36 prime movers, mainly Volvo models also designed for fuel efficiency and spec’d with safety devices, will be commissioned and delivered during the remaining nine months of this financial year.

Safety and Efficiency - Driving Success
Brad Harrison, Wodonga workshop 2IC and James Deegan, senior technician with the last 5 Mercedes Benz units destined for the Orange Operations


Safety Inspection Update

Safety Inspections - Update

As communicated this morning the RMS and Police carried out inspections of the RFT fleet at our Orange Depot and on fleet passing through Mt Boyce and Marulan inspection stations. This was a follow-up to the single vehicle incident involving one of our Liquids Drivers travelling on the M1 between Wyong and Sydney on June 28.

The follow-up inspections today serve as a reminder that safety is and must always remain our first priority. As a company, and a supply chain partner to our customers, we all have a role to play in ensuring that our equipment, drivers and the cargo that we transport, have to be safe, legal and compliant at all times. An on time delivery is only successful if it is achieved safely. The Police and RMS form part of a network of stakeholders who have an individual and collective responsibility for keeping our roads safe.

A total of 51 units were inspected at all 3 locations today. RFT received positive feedback, the inspections did identify a smallnumber of minor defects and issues. We have already commenced rectifying these and working with our drivers and supply chain partners to put in place corrective and preventative measures to deal with the matters raised.

I would like to thank everyone involved today for their efforts, co-operation and open communication.

Mark Parry

Managing Director

Ron Finemore Transport

Safety Incident Review

Safety Incident Review

Ron Finemore Transport takes safety obligations seriously.

The company has been fully cooperating with the RMS and Police following a single vehicle incident involving one of our Liquids Drivers travelling on the F3 between Wyong and Sydney on June 28. The incident came about after a number of passenger vehicles in front of him braked suddenly.  Images, captured by the Driver Safety System (DSS), and witness reports from people in front of our truck make it is clear that our drivers response and actions helped avoid a major incident. The driver was uninjured. We have received emails from witnesses who say the driver's actions saved his life and that of many others

There was a very minor spill of ethanol at the site, damage to the undercarriage of the prime mover and some minor damage to the tanks. The Police have confirmed that the driver has been cleared of any wrong doing following their investigations.

We have also been carrying out extensive internal investigations into the incident. Based on information collected from telematics and DSS we know that the driver had just taken an 8 hour break, was not speeding or driving dangerously and was not distracted prior to the incident.

Initial investigations indicate that both the prime mover and trailer brakes were fully operational. This was certainly the case on the first part of the trip before the driver stopped for his 8 hour rest at Wyong. Investigations have shown that an air line between the prime mover and the tanker trailers had become disconnected. This resulted in the driver having to take evasive action to avoid a collision since the prime mover brakes operating in isolation from the tanker trailer brakes could not stop a fully loaded tanker in an emergency situation.                                                   

As a result of this incident the RMS and NSW Police are currently carrying out additional and extra checks on our fleet at Orange and inspection stations at Mt Boyce and Marulan. We have every confidence in our drivers and fleet. We have asked our drivers to cooperate fully with the authorities and to keep Operations informed so that we can keep customers informed.


Mark Parry

Managing Director

Ron Finemore Transport

02 6024 9901

RFT Wins Baiada Contract

RFT Wins Baiada Contract

After many months of negotiation and discussions I am pleased to announce that RFT has entered into a contract with Baiada.  A new customer for our business.

Baiada, like RFT, is a family owned business.  Baiada Poultry Pty Limited is a privately owned Australian company which provides premium quality poultry products throughout Australia.  Their business operations include Broiler & Breeder Farms, Hatcheries, Processing Plants, Feedmilling and Protein Recovery.  Their products include sales of live poultry including breeding stock, poultry feed, fertile eggs, day old chickens, primary processed chicken (raw) and further processed chicken products, and pet food.

RFT has entered into a contract with Baiada to transport chilled and frozen poultry products.  This contract will require the purchase of some additional prime movers and refrigerated trailers.

RFT’s reputation for being a safe and reliable regional based carrier has been a key part in us winning this contract.  Baiada have strong growth plans based on the forecast increased consumption of chicken meat across Australia.  Demonstrating that we deliver to promise, are safe and reliable, and that we are a trusted partner, will position us to potentially expand our business with Baiada.

The contracted work fits within our business model of being a regional based carrier, safely and reliably operating a modern fleet at high levels of utilisation and efficiency.  It also provides further optimisation of some of our current fleet.

New work is hard to win.  The market remains competitive, customers are forever seeking lower prices and the need to be able to demonstrate innovation and enhanced productivity are now very much a given.

Investments in driver training (Smiths Training), new and modern fleet featuring the latest safety features and the DSS (driver safety system) also demonstrate to our current and potential customers that safety is a core value. These investments can only be made where we can show improvements in safety, reductions in costs and/or improvements in fleet reliability. This has been very much a selling point in winning this new work.

I look forward to the RFT team demonstrating to Baiada that they have selected the right partner and through safe and reliable service becoming their transport supplier of choice as they grow their business.

Mark Parry

Managing Director

Ron Finemore Transport Pty Ltd  

RFT invests in Research Project to Improve Driver Safety

Ron Finemore Transport is currently deploying the RFT DSS (Driver Safety System) from Seeing Machines. This technology provides a forward facing camera linked to an infrared driver facing camera.

Investing in our safer smarter future, RFT believes that this system will improve driver safety as well as the interface between our operations & customers, our teams and the community in general. Seeing Machines is a leading provider of this technology and the two organisations have agreed to participate in a research study that aims to identify how people control fatigue and distraction whilst at work in addition to the causes of fatigue and distraction in general. The aim of the project is to improve safety outcomes.

A CRC-P grant has recently been awarded to Seeing Machines, Monash University and RFT, as outlined in the press release below.



Senator for the ACT, Zed Seselja has welcomed the allocation of more than $20 million to fund a range of projects to develop a product, service or process that will solve problems for Australian industries.

Seeing Machines Limited in Braddon, ACT, will receive $2.25 million under the Cooperative Research Centre-Project (CRC-P) Programme. Their project will develop a world-leading driver monitoring product that will enable the freight industry to monitor and improve driver safety and wellbeing, in ways not currently possible. By using cutting edge technology and this grant funding, Seeing Machines is able to develop next generation systems to improve truck drivers’ safety by preventing accidents caused by driver fatigue and distraction. The Australian Transport Council estimates that 20-30% of fatal accidents on Australian roads are due to driver fatigue.

Ken Kroeger, CEO of Seeing Machines said

“growing from a small start-up to employing over 140 people globally; this funding allows us to work collaboratively with world-leading researchers from Monash University and our safety-focussed customer, Ron Finemore Transport to help Australian truck drivers get home to their families after every shift.”

“Canberra is home to many successful businesses and Seeing Machines in Braddon is just one example of an innovative business benefitting from our plan for jobs and growth,” Senator Seselja said. “The CRC Project stream will assist in encouraging and facilitating SME participation in
collaborative research, solving problems and delivering tangible outcomes for industry,” Senator Seselja said.

The Government has announced details of 11 successful projects from a range of industries which will share in a total of $22.6 million in funding.
Each collaboration involves at least two Australian industry entities and at least one Australian research entity. The organisations will work together to deliver the project. Improving collaboration between researchers and industry to cultivate a more innovative and entrepreneurial economy is a key pillar of the Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda.

DIIS CRC Business AusGov Industry 100K

RFT Expands Woolworths Petrol Business

RFT was yesterday informed by Woolworths, of our success in securing additional work within our Liquids business.

As we understand it, the process was very competitive with a number of companies, both incumbents, and those trying to win new business, submitting offers.

RFT has not only retained all of its existing liquids Woolworths petrol business, but also won an expanded footprint and volumes within Victoria including, Melbourne Metropolitan and Northern Regional Victoria.

Mr Mark Parry, RFT Managing Director, has thanked the many people in the RFT team who have been involved in continuing to safely deliver to Woolworths during this tender process. Our customers know each and every day how we perform, whether we operate safely and how reliably we deliver against our promise. Yesterday's decision is a validation of our performance and Woolworths trust in our ability to provide safe and reliable service.

New Managing Director for RFT

Leading Australian road transport company Ron Finemore Transport (RFT) has announced the appointment of its new Managing Director, Mr. Mark Parry who will commence in his role in mid-February 2016. Mr. Parry brings a broad wealth of senior leadership experience to the position across a range of businesses including manufacturing, mining and construction services and more recently transport.

Ron Finemore Transport is a nationally recognised family controlled transport and distribution company with a turnover in excess of $140m pa operating over 200 modern vehicles employing over 500 people across a range of locations.

Mr. Parry succeeds outgoing Managing Director Laurie Brothers who has served as RFT’s Managing Director for the last 11 years (since the company was established).

“Laurie has successfully guided our growth and development, which has been particularly evident through turbulent times in our early years” said Ron Finemore AO, Executive RFT Board Chairman.

“This appointment of our new Managing Director is a key decision in our succession planning strategy and will help underpin the long term future of our company. It follows current MD Laurie Brothers decision to take on a new role in the company as Chief Fleet & Maintenance Officer as part of our succession planning strategy”. 

“I’m extremely excited about the prospect of working with the RFT team as the company continues to develop and prosper in the future” Mr Parry stated.

Mr Parry comes to the position clearly sharing RFT’s passion for safety and with a proven track record of leading and developing businesses and their people through engagement, communication, coaching and mentoring initiatives. These “people” attributes along with a passion for safety and delivering service reliability are key elements of the skills set the Board identified in the selection process in terms of RFT’s continuing evolution in its second decade of operation.

Ron Finemore Transport is Proudly Partnered with


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