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    We strive to continuously improve and technology improvements are at the heart of our research and development.

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We're proud of our technology

We are continuously trying to improve and look at a range of technology initiatives across the business to help improve safety for our employees, our impact on the environment and the cost of doing business for our customers.

We continue to integrate our Telematics system with our transport management system (TMS), providing driver’s real time information of jobs and our back offices the opportunity to continue to streamline administrative functions.

Our intent is to make dealing with our organisation effective, simple and integrated, where information flows in real-time with an aim of being easily able to integrate into the IT business systems of our customers, so together we can achieve higher levels of continuous improvement and productivity in our business units.

Tablet Technology Training

We have partnered with Yarno, a workplace technology company, to create a learning and training platform that empowers our employees to perform their jobs safely. This mobile-first learning platform enables our drivers to identify safety and compliance gaps, communicate information quickly and embed safety knowledge.

Research and Development in Safety Systems

We are committed to world’s best practice in driver and fleet safety and aim to make Australian roads safer for not only our drivers but for all road users.

Monash University Accident Research Centre, Seeing Machines and Ron Finemore Transport Services are working towards developing the intelligence that keeps truck drivers and road users safe through future driver monitoring technology. The A$6.5 million Advanced Safe Truck Concept, an Australian Government Research Centre Project, aims to reduce fatal truck crashes by developing new vehicle technologies, achieved by studying driver behaviour and better understanding the impact of driver fatigue and distraction in particular.

Funded under the Cooperative Research Centre Projects (CRC-P) funding scheme, the Advanced Safe Truck Concept (ASTC) project brings together technology, research and operational expertise to develop an innovative driver state sensing concept for use in commercial vehicles. The study is the first of its kind in the world to link in-cab driver monitoring technology with the external traffic and roadway in real-time. The Seeing Machines technology is fitted to vehicles from our fleet. The program builds on the Seeing Machines’ Guardian technology platform that actively monitors for and alerts drivers to fatigue and distraction.

The Advanced Safe Truck Concept is a world-first study into driver behaviour and aims to understand risks faced by professional drivers in ways not previously possible, to develop technology which will enhance safety on roads. Fundamental to its success is access to naturalistic driving data. Ron Finemore Transport has partnered with Seeing Machines, Monash University and Volvo Group Australia by committing their fleet of trucks to the project and providing their drivers the opportunity to participate in the program. From a technology development viewpoint this is a remarkable opportunity to further enhance product. We recognise and appreciate the significant time and effort from Ron Finemore Transport in supporting this program. With the outputs of this study sure to benefit all road-users, it is clear that Ron Finemore Transport is truly committed to improved road safety in Australia and around the world.

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Sophie Nicoll - Seeingmachines
Our collective partnership with Seeing Machines has achieved amazing results in the advancement of driver safety.

Ron Finemore Transport’s Driver Safety System Fleet

When drivers are distracted or fatigued they are more likely to be involved in a traffic accident. Seeing Machines have built a computer which tracks face and eye movements and detects when drivers are fatigued or distracted. These are implemented across the Ron Finemore Transport fleet and are proven to significantly reduce the number of fatigue related incidents and helps get our drivers home safely.

The DSSFleet monitors our driver’s eyes and head position and provides immediate feedback via an alarm and seat vibrator when it detects our drivers are tired or distracted.

Forward facing cameras are also fitted in our fleet and enables drivers to capture an event, either moving or stationary and will assist drivers in incident prevention and review.

Our Driver Safety System technology includes:

  • Infrared driver facing camera – continually recording (24 hr data loop)
  • Colour forward facing real image camera – synced with DFC
  • Data encryption

Driver Safety System technology detects:

  • Fatigue events – wheel speed >40kph, eyes closed >2 seconds (shield)
  • Distraction events – wheel speed >40kph, eyes off centre >4 seconds

Data Capture & Reporting

Our proprietary systems and technologies capture a large range of data to enable our employees to operate in a safe work environment and enable the safe transport of our customers goods. We capture the following information:


  • Ron Finemore Transport Scheduling Tool
  • Ron Finemore Transport Telematics
  • DSS – Driver Safety System
  • Mass Management
  • Liquid Reporting
  • Incident Management Database

KPI Reporting:

  • Safety: Injuries – (LTI, MTI, FA), Accidents – (MVA, third parties)
  • Service: Weekly On Time Delivery reporting, Daily OTD by 10:00 next day from delivery, Refridge van temperature monitoring and alerts
  • Cost: Capacity utilisation, Total cost to service by site, Vehicle Tracking Systems

We also capture GPS information including current and historic positions, predicted ETA, documentation and temperature information which can be shared via our customer portal or fleetmanager.com.