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    Our fleet is the youngest and most modern in Australia.

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We operate the youngest and most modern fleet in Australia

As part of its continued investment in a safe and modern fleet, and in providing a reliable service for its customers, Ron Finemore Transport has recently taken delivery of new trailer equipment in Woolworths Primary Connect livery. These trailers were manufactured by Maxitrans and will deliver productivity gains through higher pallets per load. The new trailers will replace some of the older trailers in the fleet as well as increase capacity to manage ongoing and expanded contractual obligations with Woolworths Primary Connect.

Ron Finemore Transport has also taken early delivery of one of the new generation Mercedes Benz primemovers that feature added safety and liquid efficiency benefits associated with mirrorless technology. The traditional side wing mirrors are replaced with cameras which aid drivers with visibility along the length of the trailer and reduce drag. This delivers better liquid efficiency and reduces our vehicles' carbon emissions and our carbon footprint. Ron Finemore Transport will take delivery of more units over the coming months.

Instead of using traditional mirrors, the new Mercedes-Benz truck uses the MirrorCam system, which uses aerodynamic cameras connected to two large screens in the cabin that dramatically boost driver vision. The new generation Mercedes-Benz truck, will soon be on sale in Europe, also features a new driver interface system with two high-resolution tablet-style screens that can be customised for driver preference, much like displays in high-end Mercedes-Benz road cars.

The new truck also features a raft of new features including GPS-assisted Predictive Powertrain Control for increased efficiency, enhanced connectivity and the latest generation of advanced safety technology. The MirrorCam system can help deliver a liquid efficiency saving, thanks to the reduced drag of the small camera pods that replace the regular mirrors. The increased range of vision that can be displayed on the two screens in the cabin, and the lack of a physical mirror blocking some of the view, is also set to deliver a big improvement for drivers.

Mercedes-Benz has further improved driver control over a range of systems with new touch control buttons added to the steering wheel, which allow drivers to change what information is displayed on the two large screens.