• Safety is number 1

    Safety is
    number 1

  • We are committed to the safety and care of our people

    We are committed
    to the safety and care
    of our people

  • A strong customer focus to delivery in full on time

    A strong customer focus,
    to deliver in full
    on time

  • Technology to enhance our performance and reportability

    Technology to enhance
    our performance
    and reportability

  • Purpose-built equipment tailored to client needs

    to client needs

  • Specialists in transportation & freight movement Australia-wide

    in transportation
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  • Safe, reliable & cost effective road transport solutions

    Safe, reliable &
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    road transport

  • Delivering a Safer, Smarter Future

    Delivering a Safer
    & Smarter Future

  • Safety Inspection Update

    Wednesday, 12 July 2017

    Safety Inspections - Update

    As communicated this morning the RMS and Police carried out inspections of the RFT fleet at our Orange Depot and on fleet passing through Mt Boyce and Marulan inspection stations. This was a follow-up to the single vehicle incident involving one of our Liquids Drivers travelling on the M1 between Wyong and Sydney on June 28.

    The follow-up inspections today serve as a reminder that safety is and must always remain our first priority. As a company, and a supply chain partner to our customers, we all have a role to play in ensuring that our equipment, drivers and the cargo that we transport, have to be safe, legal and compliant at all times. An on time delivery is only successful if it is achieved safely. The Police and RMS form part of a network of stakeholders who have an individual and collective responsibility for keeping our roads safe.

    A total of 51 units were inspected at all 3 locations today. RFT received positive feedback, the inspections did identify a smallnumber of minor defects and issues. We have already commenced rectifying these and working with our drivers and supply chain partners to put in place corrective and preventative measures to deal with the matters raised.

    I would like to thank everyone involved today for their efforts, co-operation and open communication.

    Mark Parry

    Managing Director

    Ron Finemore Transport

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At Ron Finemore Transport (RFT), our business is much more than merely loading, transporting and unloading a range of goods and commodities.

It's about putting raw materials into production lines, products into homes, food onto tables and smiles onto faces.

Ours is a business that spans generations and ignites passions.

We are deeply committed to providing our clients with the highest levels of service, and, to draw a parallel with our own vehicles, our company is on a road of continual improvement.

We are constantly recognising innovation and implementing new technologies. We are streamlining distribution interfaces and eliminating waste. We are developing increasingly efficient and cost-effective processes, protocols and work methods. And we are embracing our role as an environmentally and socially responsible corporate citizen.

It'€™s all about maintaining our position as a nationally recognised transport and distribution company -€“ one that meets world's best practice in efficiency of operations, while also delivering unsurpassed customer service.

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Safety is

Ron Finemore has long been a pioneer in road health and safety, and throughout his 50 year career, has worked tirelessly to improve road safety and advocate for adequate training for drivers.

RFT is committed to the safety and care of our people, and take a great deal of pride in ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.

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About Ron Finemore Transport

Ron Finemore Transport was established by Ron Finemore AO in 2004, following his acquisition of Wodonga-based company Lewington's Transport. In 2005, Smith's Transport in Orange was also purchased, forming the foundation of the company today.

The conception of Ron Finemore Transport signalled Ron Finemore's re-emergence into the transport industry, following the sale of Finemore Holdings in 2001; the company he built from the ground up during the 1960s.

With our head office located in Wodonga on the New South Wales/Victoria border, directly in the centre of the Sydney-Melbourne-Adelaide freight triangle, RFT provides regional and inter-capital city line-haul road transport services across four major operating divisions; general freight, liquid freight, temperature-controlled, and bulk freight.

Our Wodonga office is the resource base for all of RFT's regional distribution, interstate freight services and capital city logistics, and provides fleet maintenance services, while also acting as the national centre for sales and administration.

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